Safety House

About Us

We supply these equipments to factories and offices all over India. Besides the production and supply we are also in the trading of such items in order to achieve a wider customer base and also to maximise our profits. We also provide a host of customer services to our clients in keeping with our aim of maximum customer satisfaction and widening of our customer network. It is only due to high quality of our products and our excellent customer services that in a short span of just about 5 years, we have established our company as one of the leaders in the field. Safety House has today become a symbol of quality to its customers who are assured of the highest quality of services and consideration by our staff and officers. The progress made by us in this short period of time portends well for the bright future of our company and make its team of staff and officers a very confident and inspired lot.


Our company is operating from well located premises in Ajmeri gate, New Delhi with all modern amenities like uninterrupted power and water supply. All the machines required for our manufacturing purposes have been procured from reputed companies who are leaders in their respective fields so as to ensure that our products are of the highest quality matching international standards.

Our Team

To achieve the goal of our company of manufacturing quality products and ensure high customer satisfaction our director has put in place a team of fully skilled and disciplined work team. All the staff has been properly briefed and trained wherever necessary to see that they do not fall short of the expectation of the company or its client.They are all adequately qualified and trained to undertake .